The wait

I let you go but still silently my heart moans

Am bitter not because i hate you but because

I don’t want anyone else to have you

Because deep down i know that you are mine

Verily has  tears you shed for me blinded you

That you prefer to toss yourself to the wind

That whatever kite flying by may carry you

I prefer to think that time is just not ripe;

To heal all wounds

For mine is to pay the price of patience

 Until when  this dying light finally embers

For i know that it is only then that

Yours arms shall open for my embrace

And your lips for the warmth of my mouth

For ours love is great and greater is its price!!!IMG_201704106_091236





When I was one and three

I set out for an adventure without trees

My desert grew shrubs that made me uneasy

Then there were this mountains on my plateau

And this curves on my road, I wasn’t plain too

My skin begun to glow, I became fairer

I could drawn a pair, surely God couldn’t have been more fair

I ignored the chirpy birds and listened to the voice of thunder

And when temperatures rose, sweat tickled down there making me shudder

I developed a craving for milk that only poured from a straw

This burning desires made me curious

But I knew it was injurious

Because my mama said it was suicidal

To let a boy smell my petal

Now I am two and three

And I know not how to pluck a tree

He claims he doesn’t believe it

He claims time befits

Should I lend him my petal? 

Should I let him pedal?


Its long since I wrote

Because all this while, I thought I was right

I was right because until now am still right here

Right here where I started, without right or left to turn to

Maybe there are a million ways to make this right

But they won’t make my wrongs right.