Tears that Tear!

‪+254 704 993652‬ 20170602_204015

‪+254 704 993652‬ 20170602_204015


With him by my side nli mindless


Tangu zile enzi za birikicho tukiwa waless

Sauti yake pekee was enough kuni caress

Alinidrive crazy nakatamani kutie my races nikirace

Sijui when things changed coz tangu zamani

No wind was strong enough to shake us lakini sasa jahazi letu lazama maji

Nikama gari imechukuliwa na a reckless driver

Yet hamjui some bolts ziko loose

Kwa kweli we had no clue

Ati mlipanga kukata keki tangu zamani

That ntakuita auntie before uwe mamangu wa kambo

But mjomba why this now

Its like you don’t feel me

After kula hizo calender zote

Mnataka kukill our hope

I really wanted this to be my best piece

Nikushow am getting married but as your niece

In my heart sina peace

Coz my heart still bleeds


And so nowardays naact  ka bendera

nikifuata tu upepo

Am no longer myself is this wasn’t love then haya ni mapepo

I  was expecting maximum protection

But now my heart is full of tension

She spit on my face

And you said its shit i have to face

Ati it is always like this is in-laws and so i must face the law

I know your heart breaks

But my heart was already in pieces

And blood is thicker than my tears

And so my dear auntie i will embrace you

By not forcing him to drop his blood

But remember that his tears will forever drop

Because i will not drop down to beg you not to

I……….I  will not let my tears drop on your account

Because of that cut cord

I hope no blood drops

          with this




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